Yan on the right, Tom on the left ⸻

Yan, on the wood...

With rigor and commitment, Yanis trained in woodworking, graduating from the ESEA (Ecole Supérieure d’Ebénisterie d’Avignon) with a level IV cabinetmaker’s diploma.

With a lifelong love of craftsmanship and manual work, everything that passes through his hands is transformed into art. Within this duo, he represents the technical rigor, attention to detail and patience needed to bring every project to fruition.

...Tom, on the design side.

After working in graphic design and visual communications for almost 10 years, Tommy returned to the very essence of his initial training: design.

Passionate about art since childhood, he has honed his eye over the years and has a modern, up-to-date aesthetic vision of decoration. From design to modeling, he has the creativity to meet any requirement. It’s with him that ideas come to life.

Your projects are born here...

Our vision of the business, the values we want to pass on.

In all our work, we try to use as much as possible raw French wood from sustainable forests, such as oak, ash, beech, pine and walnut.

The diversity of our business forces us to keep moving forward. Both on technical points and on our ability to renew ourselves.

We’re lucky enough to be able to bring people together through our personal creations and make them adhere to our vision of design, but also to be able to respond to concrete furnishing problems.

It’s this duality that drives us to want to leave a lasting mark, highlighting French manufacturing and quality.