Heart and soul,hands in the wood.

Made-to-measure furniture: from design to manufacture, we take the time to create a piece of furniture that's just like you.

Listen, understand and explain. Identifying requirements to define constraints: this is the first essential step in getting a project off to a good start.

Design and conception
We present you with plans, sketches and other drawings to help you get started.

Wood species
Whether natural or aged oak, ash, elm or walnut, we work with all types of wood. To be defined together, according to the furniture and your preferences.

The manufacturing steps have been established. Our little hands start cutting, sanding, trimming, gluing, assembling, staining and protecting.

The long-awaited moment, for you and for us. It’s time to place your furniture in its final environment. Where it comes into its own. And we can’t wait!

Ready-to-decorate furniture: forget everything you've just read and let yourself be seduced by our own collection.

Every day, we strive to produce the very best, to promote sustainable, high-quality French production rather than encouraging mass overproduction. In our own way, but always from the heart, of course. Discover our furniture series in the online store.

Handcrafted in France